Those who have the Godlike eyes by the Transplanted Rinnegan are highly dangerous to those who aren't of the Uzumaki Clan,Uchiha Clan and the Senju Clan lineage as these beings are highly capable of wielding the dojutsu. Nagato and Obito Uchiha who had transplanted eye's and that nagato had a very large chakra pool each was enough to keep him alive even in his weakening crippled state and Obito Uchiha who had merely Senju DNA from Hashirama Senju which allowed them to use the Rinnegan's six path abilities with ease both showing. A great amount of chakra due to the Rinnegan being active twenty four hours a day meaning they had to rest.


Only Uzumaki are truly capable of wielding the Rinnegan without a Senju DNA fusion but Uchiha's need Senju DNA to use powerful attacks and with enough training they wouldn't lose so much chakra.


Those who transplanted the rinnegan and they arent of the Uzumaki and Uchiha lineage will 99.9% be handicapped due to the rinnegans large amounts of chakra usage unlike the sage who Rinnegan itself was mastered.


Having all 3 Bloodlines infused wouldn't and shouldn't work if you aren't of the 3 clans meaning the 99.9% would decrease to a near 90.9.


Orochimaru research had helped as he studies Nagato own usage stating he could deactivate the Rinnegan at will meaning only the original host can only change there eyes. Madara Uchiha also helped proved this as he passed away and that his eyes was only active by Uzumaki Chakra+Bloodline which means a Senju DNA+Uchiha Eyes= Near Uzumaki Chakra levels as Obito showed little amount of pain.