Sword of Nunoboko
Sword of Nunoboko
Romaji Nunoboko no Ken
Creator Hagoromo Otsutsuki
Nature Type(s) Yin-Yang Release Yin-Yang Release
Classification Offensive
Wielder(s) Obito Uchiha

Hagoromo Otsutsuki Jr

The Legendary Sword of Nunoboko is a large and long  double-helix shaped Sword, which is only formed from the Truth Seeking Ball's or of the Shinju Jinchuriki own Truth Seeking Ball's and originally created and wielded by Hagoromo Otsutsuki as his sacred weapon.

According to Obito Uchiha at the time of him being the shinju host, he had once explained that the Sword Of Nunonoko was is a holy artifact which Hagoromo had used to shape the world, and is the sword of the soul and the blade was powerful enough to just as easily destroy it by his own hands. It is said that the sage feelings still live there despite the passage of time.

The sword was partially destroyed by Sasuke Uchiha's own Susanoo Sword while combined and enhanced by Naruto Uzumaki's senjutsu and Kurama's own powerful chakra.

The sword was later said to been used by the sages own child Hagoromo Otsutsuki Jr a being was created from hagoromo Creation Of All Things technique which he molded his son into his own image.