Shinju Cloning
Shinju Clones
Kanji 心中クローニング
Romaji Shinju kuroningu
Literal English Fission Beings
Other Name(s) Natural Clones
Classification Shinju Rinnegan Tailed Beast Skill
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
Derived Jutsu Fission Technique

Three-Tails Mini Clone

Related Jutsu Shadow Clone
User(s) Shinju (Only)
The Shinju Cloning (心中クローニング,Shinju kakubunrestu)Used as a supplementary maneuver, the Shinju has the ability to produce immeasurable amount of replicas of itself from its main body.


Appearing humanoid and others possessing a animal-like shape and operating on all fours, these duplicates share many of the Shinju main distinctive traits, such as their mouth as well as spiked protrusions on their heads and backs. Their sizes also various from fat to skinny and short to tall, appearing similar in size to large summoning's like Manda. The duplicates are capable of forming weapons to fight these including dumb bell-like weights, axe and scythe-like appendages as well as spear-like projectiles and spiked walls for defensive purposes.


Regardless of their differences, the duplicates all operate with the singular goal of protecting the main body of the Shinju from attack. As part of the shinju own technique, the Shinju can separate and purge its injured parts from its main body. This was done after part of its body was set a blaze by Sasuke's Amaterasu.