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Sairo Yamanaka
First Yamanaka
Kanji N/A
Romanji Yamanaka Sairo
Birthdate September 10
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height 6'6
Weight 122 lb
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai Body Transfer Technique

Mind Transfer Technique

Classification ANBU Black Ops
Tailed Beast Twenty Tailed Wolf
Occupation Shinobi,

ANBU Captain

Affiliation Konohagakure,

Land of Fire, Yamanaka Clan, Seven Great Immortals, ANBU Black Ops

Team Yamanaka Clan,

ANBU Black Ops, Team Sairo

Partner Kisekiteki Hyuga
Clan Yamanaka Caln
Ninja Rank ANBU Black Ops
Ninja Registration 4
Academy Grad. Age 5
Chūnin Prom. Age 6
Jōnin Prom. Age 7
Family Ino Yamanaka(Descendant),

Inoichi Yamanaka(Descendant), Fu Yamanaka(Descendant), Santa Yamanaka(Descendant), Ino Yamanaka's Mother(Descendant)

Unique Traits N/A
Nature Type Wind Release(Affinity),

Earth Release, Water Release, Yin Release

Jutsu N/A
Tools N/A

Sairo Yamanaka is a powerful, legendary Shinobi of the Yamanaka Clan; in fact, it's said that she founded the Yamanaka Clan hundreds of thousands of years prior to the start of the series.  She's one of the Seven Great Immortals, and the only female among these seven Legendary Shinobi.  She's credited for not only aiding in building Konohagakure, serving in the ANBU as a Captain ever since Konoha's original conception, serving in many wars, such as the Jaded War, the First Great Shinobi World War, the Second Great Shinobi World War, the Third Great Shinobi World War, and the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, but also creating the two Kekkei Genkai of the Yamanaka Clan, the Body Transfer Jutsu and the Mind Transfer Jutsu, with unknwon means of creation, as well as creating the modern day usage of Medical Ninjutsu with her mastery of Ninshu, and creating the technique to use her Chakra to vastly increase her own physical strength, something that Tsunade Senju and Sakura Haruno definitely took advantage of much later on. 





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