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The God of Destruction
Name Ryujira
Romaji Ryujira
Literal English Dragon Rage
Other Name(s) Ryojira
Personal Status
Species Unknown
Classification None
Affiliation None
Kekkei Genkai Yin Release Yin Release
Nature Type Fire Release Fire Release
Jutsu Various

Ryujira is an archaic god which serves as the ancient counterpart of The Shinju. Whereas the shinju is the embodiment of benevolence, creation, and the cultivation of life, Ryujira is the god of destruction, unmaking, and devastation. Ryujira's true purpose was to act as the shinju's destructor should the unpredictable nature of the latter eventually lead to a threat to humanity. However, before Ryujira could challenge the shinju, he was sealed by Kaguya Otsutsuki into a cocoon which was guarded by the uzumaki clan. 


Ryujira is a gargantuan reptillian beast whose body is composed of a chaos of spikes, scales, and dorsal fins. Standing over a hundred meters total in height, Ryujira is much larger than any tailed beast save for the ten tails who he can challenge directly. However, ryujira's current form isn't his true one. When ryujira was sealed by Kaguya, his extremely potent chakra was diminished to less than ten percent of his total quantity. This has effected his current form. Even with all of his size, he is still at but a fraction of his power. Ryujira's true form is shown so enormous that he stands eye to eye with the fully manifested shinju itself.