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Dark Release: Judgement Flames
Judgement Flames
Nature Type Dark Release,

Fire Release

Rank S
Class S
Range All Ranges
Parent Jutsu Dark Release
Derived Jutsu N/A
Related Jutsu N/A
User(s) Shikyo Fushiawase

The Dark Release: Judgement Flames is a Dark Release technique, combining Fire Release with it, created by Shikyo Fushiawase. It's an S Rank technique, and is one of the strongest Dark Release techniques ever created.


To activate this technique, Shikyo covers his hands in purple fire and then tosses it; as soon as it lands, it will instantaneously begin to spread rapidly. Anything or anyone it touches will instantly be incinerated so bad that even ashes won't even remain. It appears to be the only Fire technique that's able to possibly over power the godlike fire techniques that Kōkūhyō Nara uses.


  • Shikyo Fushiwase is the only Shinobi who is ever seen using Dark Release:  Judgement Flames.